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Accessories and work protection

Accessories for chemical surface treatment

DEWE Brünofix GmbH offers a comprehensive range of proven accessory components for applications regarding chemical surface treatment. We would like to present various articles that are frequently in demand below. Please note that not all accessory components can be displayed within the scope of this Internet site. Do not hesitate, therefore, to contact us if necessary.

Measurement equipment

Bath maintenance and charging

Plant engineering elements

Personal protective equipment

Plant engineering elements


Our portfolio includes proven pumps for use in chemical surface treatment technology: Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, diaphragm pumps and reciprocating pumps. Tell us your requirements and we will select the most suitable pump for you.

Level sensors

For the control and monitoring of fill levels.

Various measurement systems: conductive level sensors, float switches and level switches. Switching states according to customer requirements.

Sectional radiators

Ceramic sectional radiators with high heat-resistant heating elements. Performance and surface resistance are designed for a long service life and good safety during operation. Available with diameters 32, 45 and 57 mm; Type of current: 230 V AC, 400 V AC and 400 V DC. Heating output and installation length according to customer requirements.

Immersion heating coils

Fully assembled heating coils for suspension in the treatment baths enable better cleaning compared to permanently installed heating systems. Manufactured to customer requirements in steel or stainless steel. Immersion heating coils are also available as PTFE heating coils.

Pt100 temperature sensor

For electronic temperature controllers, installed in: Angled steel or stainless steel protective pipes for attachment to the bath edge, threaded protective pipes, flexible PTFE tubes (e.g. for pickling baths) or Pt100 sensors without protective jackets.

Measurement equipment

Digital probe thermometer

Measuring range: –50 to 150 °C; Resolution: 1 °C; Sensor length: 500 mm; Sensor cable length: 1000 mm; High battery service life: approx. 700 hours continuous operation; Display: 13 mm high, 3 ½ digits; Simple operation.

Pointer thermometer with bimetal measuring system

Measuring range: 0 to 200 °C; Scale division: 2 °C; Sensor length: 300 mm; Housing diameter: 60 mm; Stainless steel housing; Environmentally-friendly as no filling media such as mercury are used.

Remote analogue thermometer

As stationary permanent display; Measuring range: 50 to 160 °C; Scale division: 1 °C; Good readability due to large housing (diameter 160 mm); Sensor length: 400 mm; Measurement lead: 2000 mm.

Hand refractometer

Optical measurement instrument for concentration determination; Measuring range: 0 to 32 %, includes case, pipette and calibration solution.

Personal protective equipment

Chemical-resistant gloves

For use with hazardous materials; 400 mm long; Material: Nitrile rubber.

Eye and face protection

In various designs, depending on application case: Frame glasses, safety goggles or protective hoods.

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