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Philosophy and aims

The satisfaction of our customers is our main aim.

We want to achieve this through our active philosophy.

We are a medium-sized business with flat hierarchies.

The basis of our success is our trust in our employees.

Quality is a matter of pride for each of our employees and not just a company aim.

Our team spirit is constantly active. We all pull on the same rope.

We produce in Germany.

Selling our products means engendering trust.

We develop and produce to 100% in Middle Franconia.

Any machine that is delivered to a customer is firstly a machine produced by

Michael or Paul and secondly by Brünofix.

Our fitters take problems with a machine personally.

Any machine is only as good as its weakest element. This is why purchased parts are initially selected by

quality and then by price.

We build the machines with which our customers earn their money. This has the uttermost priority for us.

Our customers and suppliers are our partners and friends.

Every employee is responsible for the future of Brünofix.

Our watchwords are reliability and trust.

We live in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

We are said to be down-to-earth.

We have weathered every economic crisis together.

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