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How do I select one or more products for a special process or special application?
The best way is to discuss your needs with us.

1 How do I find out how to dispose of used products correctly?
First of all, Point 13 in the Safety Data Sheet and secondly, in more detail by contacting us.

2 Can stainless steel be subject to cold colouration?

3 Can brass and/or copper materials be coloured?
Yes, it is possible to colour them pale brown, brown and black or with an antique finish.

4 Does DEWE Brünofix GmbH also carry out contract surface treatments?
Yes, further information can be found in the contract treatment section.

5 Where can I find a contractor for black oxidation or phosphating?
Simply fill in our contact form and we will let you know where a contractor is close to you.

6 Can I also order products from DEWE Brünofix GmbH as a private person?
According to the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, it is not possible for a private person to order chemicals from DEWE Brünofix GmbH. We would however be happy to offer you our services regarding black oxidation and phosphating surface treatments, and our colouration processes for stainless steel, copper, brass and die-cast zinc.

7 Can black oxidation coatings be touched up?
Yes, we recommend using our products: Steel etching pen and steel etching ink (German product names are Stahlätzstift and Stahlätztinte).

8 Can a coloured surface be removed again?
Yes, with special acidic pickling solutions.

9 Can stainless steels be coloured using cold black oxidation products and/or steel etching inks?
No, this is not possible.

10 How old may a Safety Data Sheet be?
Maximum 12 months.

11 Can stainless steel and die-cast zinc be black oxidised/blackened?
Yes, stainless steel and die-cast zinc can be coloured black with special methods developed by DEWE Brünofix GmbH.

12 Can stainless steel be subject to phosphating?
In some cases – prior sample treatment is necessary.

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